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Question by the_chicken_guy: Im 17 and i want to make some quick money online?
I have a real job but i dont get many hours and i only make minimum wage and alot of places aroun d where i live only hire 18 or up.Im 17 and i want to make some quick money online, with no scams and no upfront money. What should I do and Where do i go ?

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Answer by dave
Chicken guy,

There are many ways to make money online. The real trick is sorting out the legitimate money-makers from all the scams that are out there (many of which get listed at Yahoo Answers, I’m afraid).

There’s a terrific list at eHow that gives more than 25 legitimate ways to make money online. The list covers everything from writing (articles, blogs), to selling photography, to (believe it or not) getting paid for online jury duty, surveys, and focus groups.

There’s even a site for making money listening to music and rating it, and another for playing online games.

None of the sites in the article ask you for any money. And while they won’t make you rich, you can begin to build up a respectable income.

Check it out at:
How to make money on the internet, scam-free

The list is updated regularly, so you may want to check it once a week or so.

Note that some of the sites do have age limits on who can participate, so check each one carefully.

Two other lists worth checking out are these:
Legitimate money-making sites
Twenty Scam Free Ways to Make Money Online

Good luck!

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