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Question by Michael: im trying to build a computer is there anything i can improve, im a noob at this want speed and preformance?
im on this website called and these are my specs with every detail available:

Case: Azza Fusion 3000 Full tower gaming case w/ 1x140mm & 2x120mm fans, front USB 3.0, HDD easy swap, & 360mm liquid cooling ready

Internal USB extension module: NZXT Internal USB 6-port expansion module + USB bluetooth 2.X
EDR Dongle w/ led light thumb size

Neon Light Upgrade” 12in meter light – 8 speed

Extra case fan upgrade: maximum enermax 120mm case cooling fans for selected case (maximum silence operation) (500-1200 RPM T.B. Silence Twister Bearing8-14 dBA)

Noise Reduction Technology” sound absorbing foam on side, top and bottom panels

CPU (i know this is important): Intel core i7-3770K 3.5 GHz *MB intel smart cache (can you tell me what that means) LGA1155 (all Venom OC certified)

Preformance tuning and protection plan: Intel i7- 3770k Preformance tuning and protection plan by IntelVenom boost fast and efficient factory overclocking: Extream oc (Extream overclocking 20% or more)

Cooling fan: CyberPower Xtream Hydro Water cooling kit 360mm w/ XSPC Rasa 750 RS360, Tripple fan (cpu & gpu liquid cool capable Extream overclocking preformance + Extream silent at 18 dBA) all venom oc certified

coolant for cyberpower xtream hydro water cooling kits: high preformance coolant powered by Koolance

Motherboard(also important): 3 way CrossFireX/SLI ASUS P8 Z77-V delux intel z77 chipset DDR3 ATX mainboard w/ IRST lucid virtua MVP Wi-Fi GO 7.1 HD audio dual GbLAN display port 3x PCIe x16 (2 Gen3 1 Gen2) & 4x PCIe x1

Intel smart responce technology for Z77: 60 Gb intel 520 series SATA-3 6.0Gb/s – 550 MB/s Write (single drive)

memory: 16GB (4GBx4) DDR3/ 1600MHz dual channel memory (Kensington HyperX)

Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690 4gb 16x PCIe 3.0 dial GPU Video card
video card 2:NCIDIA Ge force GTX660 2gb 16X PCIe 3.0 video card

Power supply Upgrade: 750 Watts – thermaltake toughpower grand tgp-750M gold modular 80 plus power supply

Hard drive: 512 Gb OCZ vertex 4 sata3 6.0 gb/s- 550 mb/s read & 520 mb/s write( 60GBx2(60GB capasity) raid 1 high preformance with data security)
data Hard drive: 60GB intel 520 series sata3 6.0 Gb/s- 550mb/s read & 520 mb/s write (60GBx2(60GB capacity) raid 1 high preformance with data security)
hard drive cooling fan: Vigor iSURF 2 hard disk drive cooling system (1x system)

External hard drive(usb 3.0/2.0/eSATA): ADATA superior series SH 93 500GB portable
water/shockproof USB 2.0 External HDD

usb flash drive: 3.0 32gb

optical drive: LG 14X internal Blu-ray Burner, BD-RE DVD+RW, 3D playback combo drive x2

LCD monitor: 32″ widescreen 1920×1080 scepture x325bv-fhd HDTV w/ built in speaker VGA & HDMI input
moniter 2: 27 in widescreen 1920×1080 ASUS VE278Q black 2ms blacklight lcd display w/ built in
speaker DVI & HDMI imput

speakers: logitech Z- 506 5.1 surround and subwoofer system

Network:intel pro gigabit 110;100/1000 network card

keyboard: Tt eSports challenger pro gaming keyboard black

mouse: Razer Naga Epic usb wired/wireless dual laser 5600 DPI gaming mouse

Headset: Tt eSports shock gaming headset bass enhancement, foldable design in-line control box noise canceling mic & gold plated 3.5mm plug

3D vision: none

Extra thermal device: NZXT sentry LX Aluminum High performance fan control clock &temp. display

Wireless 802.11B/G network card: 802.11b/g/n 300 mbps wireless card = external 2.4G Dbi omni directional wireless antenna

External wireless network card: ASUS usb n53 802.11a/b/g/n 300 mbps dual-band wireless n300 usb adapter

wireless access point 802.11b/g/n: ASUS rt-n56u stylish concurrent 300 mbps dual band wireless n-gigabit router

Bluetooth: usb bluetooth 2.0 adapter

Flash media reader/writer: internal 12in 1 flash media reader/writer
cable: 6ft usb a/b printer cable

power protection: OPTIS-UPS TS2250B 2000VA/1200W Uninterruptible power supply

IEEE 1394 card:IEEE 1394 card and driver

internal usb port: built in usb 2.0 ports

usb port: external usb 3.0 4-port hub

OS: windows 7 home premium 64-bit

ultra care option professional wiring for all WIRING inside the system chassis minimize cable
exposure maximize airflow in your system

Service: standard 3 year warrenty plus life time tech support

Rush service: no rush service estimite ship date 12 business days
can you tell me what i need to improve. and overall price it has is $ 8100

Best answer:

Answer by Michael
The 750W PSU will most likely NOT run a GTX 690 and GTX 660 in SLi.

Get at least 1000W Gold Rated to stay on the safe side.

Also, try a higher Clocked RAM.

I notice your budget is unbelievable.

Your other choices are nice.

BUT, you can buy the parts for this system A LOT cheaper than $ 8100.

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