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In a voyage of endless money-making opportunities, the island of dropshipping stands out. It lures you with lianas of easy access, gold sands of all-prize deals and clear-sky of zero hassle. You are a stockless retailer here. Of course, like any other lush islands it is sometimes attacked by pirates, who come and fill the sky with smoke.

Those are bad drop shippers, companies who distribute goods and who do not fulfill their obligations to you or your customer, which is anyway to you, because your customer has no idea about the dropshipper’s existence.
Knives drop ship

So you need a knife. Knife is something people learned to make very early in their history and still cannot make do without an instrument. Though, mixers and food processors confidently entered kitchens, it is hard to imagine a cook without a chef’s knife, a housewife without a kitchen knife, a little fella without a pocket knife.

Knives with their sharp edges and blades served as an inspiration tool for many poets, artists and film directors ( Mishaps are like knives, that either serve us or cut us, as we grasp them by the blade or by the handle – Lowell, James Russell ). Writers used penknives, which were associated with art and charm, to sharpen their pens, while others – in pipe-smoking, fishing or shooting.

They fascinated the minds of great men and serial killers. Besides being a functional tool, the knife has also been an object of desire, a decoration. Ladies’ knives with handles made of mother of pearl and tortoiseshell complimented the feminine purse line of scissors, nail files or button-hooks.

So among other products to drop ship, knives are one of the most popular items. They are universal, each household needs them and they come in different sizes and varieties. You can differentiate a bread knife, a carving knife, cheese, clasp, fish and paper knives, lock and tactical knives, 1-, 2- and 3-blade knives, steak knife, Stanley knife, etc. Alongside knives and knife sets, you can offer sharpeners, knife cases and cutlery sets to go with.

The knife is a great dropshipping object, because their handles tend to break and some creative personas follow the fashion, and there is trendsetting even in this area. There are knife-making specialists, who produce 8-12 state-of-the-art vintage knives a year. As it happens with many other objects that we never perceive as being a museum artifact, there are hunted-for rarities here.

You can fish the dropshippers websites for discounts or knife-enthusiast websites to find out, which knives are most wanted. There are plenty of knife manufacturers – Benchmade, Krause, Benchmark, etc. – choose for yourself. The Shooting Industry magazine named Benchmade Model 425 Gravitator Knife of the Year (2005).
When you decide to include knives on your retail product list, one of the main points is to choose a legitimate distributor and avoid getting into the e-traps set out by trouble-making middlemen. Remember: no fulfillment fees, no minimum order, no registration fees and the delivery is on the distributor.

Now it is a good idea to check our free drop ship directory to find a dropship merchant of products you need.

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