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– – written by LeeAnn Luna,
Personal Wealth Strategies Coach

Most of us have already tried it once or twice, to build The American Dream.

For one reason or another we stopped. What was it that stopped you, got in your way? This letter will answer those questions for you.

The articles presented here are derived from personal conversations had with people in your situation. People unsatisfied and looking for a way to change their lives forever. Those who have started and stopped, and the ones who would not know where to start.

The article takes the behavioral patterns and issues revealed in the interviews and attacks them with valor. The purpose is to teach you it is alright to believe, in yourself, in the work you do, that your dreams are possible. It is alright to take the next step you are worth it. It will also reveal your purpose, that one thing you will do that fulfills your life. Resolve to do that thing and all else will fall into place.

Through this letter you will meet millionaires that started where you are. These are not snobs who have done it all and don’t care about the little guy, these are people who understand the struggle and are appalled that more people don’t make it. They are resolved to help and help they do, how would you like your own millionaire mentor?

You will learn to surround yourself with successful people, that you belong and have a right because you believe in what you are doing. You will start to see how everyone around you possesses the same boundless energy and enthusiasm because they too believe. You will gain freedom beyond words from this feeling alone.

See you in the journey,

LeeAnn Luna
Personal Wealth Strategies Coach

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