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By Kenneth Cannon

Most people believe that every opportunity is nothing more than a “get rich quick” scam or something similar. The fact is, “most people” are 100% right! I have researched (with the help of my associates) hundreds of programs and opportunities out there and found the ones that work, and the ones that are simply junk.

Here’s how we did it:

First I did a searched on the internet to find every program I could. Believe it or not this was a daunting task because of all the different search engines out there. There are thousands of programs out there that don’t advertise on google or any of the “big” engines. They use smaller Pay Per Click advertisers to get noticed because they don’t want to “waste time” doing the work needed to get listed on google.

Second I wrote an email to all of these “companies” telling them that I was interested in purchasing their businesses. I did this because I needed an “inside” look into the way they did business. This is the only way to actually tell if they are scams or not.

Third I gained access to hundreds of them, insider information that no one else except the owners and their partners have.

What I Found:

Almost all of them were 100% SCAMS! Most of the information they provided could be found on the Internet for free. Actually, many of them just provided information as to how to sign up for Google Adwords and promote THIER BUSINESS!

The good news is, there is a few that pasted our test!

Everyone has a dream of making money online. The fact is, ANYONE can do it with the right knowledge. The knowledge is out there…You just have to find it!

Good Luck!

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