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Beginners Guide to Practice Cupping Therapy: How To Relieve Stress, Anxiety, Allergies, Reduce Pain, Treat Skin Problems & DetoxifyHow To Relieve … Reduce Pain, Treat Skin Problems & Detoxify

Cupping therapy is an effective method, that helps to relieve stress, depression, anxiety, deal with the skin and digestive problems, reduce pain, treat allergies and cold symptoms, detoxify our bodies and much more. HERE IS THE PREVIEW OF WHAT YOU WILL LEARN IN THIS BOOK: What is cupping therapy?; Cupping therapy vs. therapy; Health benefits; How to prepare for the session; Cupping therapy on children; Different types of cupping therapy; Safety guide & side effects; Cupping therapy for pain, co

List Price: $ 7.99

Price: $ 7.99

Invisible Scars: How to treat Combat Stress and PTSD without Medication

Everyday approximately 22 veteran suicides occur with many of them using or having used mind altering psychiatric medications, prescribed for residual effects of combat stress, such as PTSD. Unfortunately, for well over a decade, the military and VA has had a policy of treating combat related stress problems with psychiatric medications, which have a host of Black Box side effects, including suicide, homicide, anger, hostility, poor judgment, etc. Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) is a normal human re

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