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Calming Treats for Dogs-Soft Chews w/Organic Hemp,Valerian Root & L Tryptophan for Dog Anxiety Relief. All-Natural Dog Treats for Barking,Chewing,Storms,Travel & Hyper activity-Duck flavour-120 Count

  • NATURAL CALMING AID HELPS SOOTHE ANXIETY ~ DakPets Calming Treats – a duck flavored chewable supplement formula with both natural and organic ingredients that can help dogs of all breeds,sizes and ages relax in any situation. These natural calming aid treats can help support your pet by keeping them calm and at ease whether it’s anxious and nervous behavior or just a slightly aggressive temperament.
  • HELPS REDUCE STRESS ~ It can be really hard for a dog owner to see their beloved canine family member struggling with constant stress problems that make life for both of you a challenge. DakPets have formulated these calming bites that help stimulate a feeling of ease and rest to make life more enjoyable for both you and your pet.
  • HELPS ALLEVIATE HYPERACTIVE & AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR ~ Each daily anti-anxiety chew contains Organic Chamomile to help with aggressive chewers, hyper activity and easily agitated tendencies. These soothing ingredients work together to help as a relaxant to relieve stress and tension that causes excessive scratching, barking, chewing and biting.
  • MAY RELIEVE ANXIETY DURING STRESSFUL SITUATIONS ~ If your dog runs and hides during Loud thunderstorms at home or outdoor, these wellness dog treats are a great remedy to compose your pet by encouraging natural comfort and relaxing relief. It’s also great for separation anxiety, loud fireworks noises, car rides, dog parks and even crowded public spaces
  • SAFE, EFFECTIVE, NATURALLY-DERIVED COMPLEX – MADE IN USA~ Wheat free, soy free, corn free and dairy free. These treats also contain Organic Ginger Root, L-Tryptophan and Organic Passion Flower to help balance dog behavior to minimize disruptive outbursts, while Valerian Root works with Organic Hemp Powder and Organic Hemp Oil to help reduce restlessness & travel anxiety

Dog’s Stress & Anxiety Relief With DakPets Dog Calming Treats! At DakPets, we understand that dogs are like family. We know just how difficult it is to watch your pet suffer from nervous and anxious behavior and display noticeable signs of stress. That’s why we created our Dog Calming Treats – these safe, all-natural Soft Chews will help to lowers stress levels, relieve fear and anxiety, reduce aggression and calm hyper activity behavior in stressful situations. We use only the highest quality

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