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Goodbye Panic – a Roll-On Blend of Omega 3, 7 and 9 Oils with Copaiba, Vetiver and Lavender Essential Oils | Plant Extracts Relieves Anxiety Attacks and Panic Attacks to Calm Your System and Nerves

  • An Herbal Remedy for Stress: When you feel your thoughts racing, pulse quickening and altered breathing, reach for GoodBye Panic and quickly roll it across your skin to immediately feel the relaxation wash over you.
  • Developed by Our Master Botanical Gardeners: Understanding the subtleties of each essential oil and how they can play to each other’s strengths, our experienced herbalists create effective compounds to relieve your debilitating symptoms.
  • Vetiver for Deep Balance and Grounding: Known for its amazing peace promoting properties, vetiver calms your spirit by sedating your system, leading to a more relaxing state of being.
  • Copaiba Oil for a Calming Sensation: Enjoy the tranquility with copaiba oil, known for its high concentrations of BCP
  • Lavender Botanicals Blended with Rich Omega Oils: A natural remedy for anxiety, lavender has long been touted as a good-for-you alternative to encourage sleep, relaxation and serenity.

Use GoodBye Panic to relieve the disabling effects of anxiety and panic attacks to ward them off. This innovative formula masterfully blends 3 essential oils, all of which have amazing abilities to ease your frustrations and nerves, so you can speak clearly, breathe deeply and continue with your day. Don’t let anxiety dictate how you will react to situations and stress. Take control.
GoodBye Panic is a safe and wholesome blend of essential oil concentrations from vetiver, lavender and copai

List Price: $ 14.99

Price: $ 14.99

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