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Guided Relaxation Self Hypnosis CD / MP3 and APP (3 IN 1 PURCHASE!) – This Hypnotherapy CD is a Guided Meditation CD for Stress and Anxiety Relief

  • MEDITATION CDS ARE GREAT FOR YOUR WELL BEING Studies confirm that hypnosis is an effective stress relief method and is endorsed by the British and American Medical Associations
  • NATURAL STRESS RELIEF FOR DAY & NIGHT Includes 2 tracks (different only in the endings), so you can de-stress and unwind to this guided mindfulness meditation
  • ELIMINATE STRESS & TENSION WHERE IT RESIDES Hypnosis taps into your subconscious where you unknowingly store negative messages that cause feelings of stress, anxiety and worry! Quiet those voices once and for all and feel calmer, happier and reducing anxiety
  • ENJOY THIS DEEPLY RELAXING GUIDED RELAXATION CD Hypnotherapist Mark Bowden has helped thousands of people break out of the shackles of stress and worry and become free to lead happy lives! Let his method set you free, too!
  • A TRULY RELAXING EXPERIENCE Just listen to the recording and let your subconscious do the rest! You’ll feel deeply relaxed and refreshed after every session.

Like a Mindfulness RetreatSTRESS KILLS It’s a fact. Stress increases your risk of heart attack, stroke and even cancer. It can also sap the happiness and enjoyment out of every day and leave you plagued by anxiety, panic attacks and constant worries. Does this sound familiar? You try stress relief techniques like deep breathing. You take long baths. You try herbs. But still, the tension stays, and the worry and anxiety gets in your way of enjoying life. Conventional stress relief methods often f

List Price: $ 16.97

Price: $ 16.97

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How To Earn $1,000 or more per month as an Amazon Affiliate

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