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L-Theanine Chewables- 90 Count 200mg of L-theanine in 300mg Tablet, Sugar Free- Health Encapsulated Double Strength LTheanine Tablets – Reduce Stress, Anxiety & Helps Sleep and Concentration

  • GMP CERTIFIED CHEWABLE tablet – Our supplement is GMP CERTIFIED to ensure quality and it comes in an easy convenient chewable form which is better for absorption. It is GLUTEN FREE and VEGAN Friendly.
  • FREE EBOOK GUIDE on L-Theanine – We believe it’s important to always know and understand the supplements that you and your family take, so we included a free simple EBOOK GUIDE on L- Theanine that is emailed to you through Amazon. If you have any trouble getting this just get in contact.
  • A 4000-YEAR-OLD MIND HACK – Monks have been drinking tea for thousands of years to create a state of “mindful alertness”. It is only in the last couple of decades that is has been discovered by scientists that it’s effects were caused by L-Theanine. Now, L-Theanine can be extracted and used as a more NATURAL SUBSTITUTE to some modern-day medications.
  • RELAXING AGENT without sedating you – L Theanine is a natural relaxing agent without sedation. Life in Modern times can be hectic and overwhelming and it can be hard to relax. L – Theanine helps with this. It will not affect you like a powerful painkiller or sedative, but instead you should notice increased calmness and be in a better mood throughout the day.
  • ENHANCES CONCENTRATION- When combined with caffeine L-theanine is a strong Nootropic (enhances concentration) for when you need it in your life. It also reduces negative side effects of Caffeine on its own such as jitteriness or shakes.

LTheanine promotes relaxation, reduces anxiety, increases alpha brain waves (like meditation), increases Gaba Levels(reducing anxiety) and enhances concentration. Our product is GMP certified and comes in an easy to take chewable form. Our chews are easy to take and very slightly flavored.

List Price: $ 19.98

Price: $ 19.98

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