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Petaxin Calming Treats for Dogs – Anxiety and Stress Relief – Supports Calm & Relaxed Behavior – Chamomile, Ginger, Valerian Root & More for Thunder, Fireworks, Storms, Barking – 120 Chews

  • NATURAL FORMULA FOR CALM & COMFORT: Petaxin Calm & Comfort Aid soft chews feature a host of powerful natural ingredients to help reduce stress, tension, and dog anxiety in your favorite canine. They are ideal for dogs that suffer during thunderstorms, fireworks, or traveling.
  • SOOTHING HERBS RELIEVE ANXIETY & STRESS: Each dog calming aid soft chew features a variety of soothing herbs/plants like chamomile to help relax and passionflower to help dogs feel calm. Ginger helps behavior during travel while valerian root supports the nervous system to help manage nervousness and dog anxiety relief.
  • HELPS SUPPORT RELAXATION AND CALMNESS: These dog calming treats contain L-Tryptophan, an amino acid that helps promote an overall calm and relaxed mood, meaning less aggressive behavior and hyperactive dogs. Keep your favorite pooch feeling happy and calm in stressful situations.
  • BACON FLAVOR DOGS LOVE – NO CORN, GRAIN, WHEAT: We believe in making the highest quality products for pets. Every dog anxiety relief soft chew is Made In The USA in a cGMP facility following the highest standards and contains no corn, grain, wheat, or artificial flavorings. These chews come in a bacon flavor that dogs gobble up like treats and are safe for all dogs.
  • HAPPY DOGS PROMISE: Petaxin began with our team’s love for our pets and our passion for wanting to help them live their healthiest lives possible. Petaxin’s mission is to create products like this calming treat supplement for dogs that keep your pet sniffing, barking, and wagging.

Size?120 Soft Chews

Formulated for dogs that may display hyperactivity or nervousness, Petaxin Calming Aid soft chews are the perfect natural way to help relax your favorite canine. Every soft chew contains a soothing blend of L-Tryptophan and various calming herbs.
Organic Chamomile: Flower that helps relax muscles and relieve anxiety
Organic Passion Flower: Helps promote calm behavior
Organic Ginger Root: Supports behavior and less stress during travel
Valerian Root:

List Price: $ 29.99

Price: $ 29.99

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