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Pure Micronutrients Magnesium Glycinate Supplement (Chelated) 200mg, 180 Count

  • MORE ENERGY, LESS STRESS, FEEL RELAXED AND CALM- Specifically designed to restore optimal magnesium levels critical for energy production, a healthy nervous system and muscle function / relaxation. This provides our bodies with what is needed to anti-stress, feel relaxed and calm down
  • FAST RELIEF FROM MUSCLE CRAMPS AND TENSION – Our Magnesium Chelate (Magnesium Glycinate) is clinically proven to be a Highly Absorbable and Tolerable form of Magnesium, ensuring faster acting results. †
  • HELPS YOU TO HAVE A MORE RESTFUL NIGHTS SLEEP – Perfect for women, men, elderly, women during pregnancy & teenagers who may suffer from insomnia or other sleep disorders. Our bodies need sufficient Magnesium levels to activate a neurotransmitter GABA, which is responsible for helping our brain and muscles relax and switch off at night
  • EASIER TO SWALLOW, NO STOMACH UPSETS – Small, easy to swallow capsule with superior Magnesium Bisglycinate, a very gentle form of Magnesium that breaks down in the small intestine, which greatly reduces the incidence of stomach upsets and diarrhoea
  • NO NASTIES, GMO FREE, TRUSTED PRACTITIONER QUALITY – USA Made. #1 Practitioner Grade, formulated for & Recommended by Doctors, Pure Magnesium is a Premium Albion Chelated Magnesium supplement. 200mg per serve provides flexibility with dosage to suit your individual needs. *Please note, label May Say Magnesium Chelate or Magnesium Glycinate.

Pure Micronutrients’ Pure Magnesium is an Easy-to-Swallow gentle magnesium supplement delivered in a convenient 3 month supply bottle. Pure Magnesium is a Practitioner Approved magnesium chelate formula. It contains 200mg per serve of the superior form of magnesium, Magnesium Bisglycinate. This clinically proven Highly Absorbable form of magnesium, is attached to the amino acid glycine.  This enables it to break down in the intestines, enhances bioavailability and reduces the incidence of stoma

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