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The Anti-Anxiety 360 Spinner Helps Focusing Fidget Toy [3D Figit] Tri-Spinner EDC Focus Toy for Kids & Adults – Best Stress Reducer Relieves ADHD Anxiety Boredom Metal Bearing (Glow in the Dark)

  • GREAT NEW DESIGN – order our latest, thoughtfully designed anti-anxiety spinner and get more for less. Build from durable, long-lasting components, this fidget spinner gives you maximum value for money. You can enjoy uncompromising quality from a brand that goes above and beyond to deliver top value.
  • GLOW IN THE DARK – get a fantastic spinner that glows in the dark after exposure to either natural or artificial lighting. Play with this fidget toy in a dark room and create an interesting (even mystic) revolving silhouette that will evoke deep thought and calm you down no matter how tough your day has been.
  • LONGER SPIN TIME – feeling anxious, stressed, distressed or just disturbed? Don’t wallow in your negative thoughts and self-pity. Pick yourself up by propelling our new spinner into a lengthy, 3+ minutes spin. Take a break in the process, and master your calm so you can defeat stagnation and take the next step no matter what you’re feeling!
  • THE CREATIVITY TOY – how about mastering your focus and concentration on the go, whether you’re reading that new school book, or studying a valuable business document? The ZekPro Glow in the Dark anti-anxiety Spinner spinner is meant to help you find new perspectives and unleash your maximum concentration and creativity so you can conquer the task ahead.
  • ZEKPRO PREMIUM GUARANTEE – whether you’re looking for a perfect anti-anxiety spinner to help relieve stress or a perfect play tool that any member of the family can use to increase their focus and concentration, the ZekPro Glow in the Dark Spinner will suffice. With our Premium Guarantee, we’ll process a refund if you’re not in the least happy with the experience you get from this product.

Versatile 360 spinner

ZekPro new glow in the dark spinner is a super-versatile accessory. Whether you’re looking for the ideal spinner to tackle anxiety, ADD, autism, ADHD, stress, or just a tool to put your thoughts together for a mental task, this product does not disappoint.

The spinner glows in the dark after exposure to light, which makes it particularly fun for use at night or in darker environments.

How to use

Hold your spinner in one hand
Use your ot

Price: $ 5.99

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