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LOGIC REMEDY (2000mg) Organic Hemp Extract & Essential Oil Blend & Omega-3,6,9 Fatty Acids for Dogs & Cats/ Vegan/Peaceful Buddy Fights Stress, Separation Anxiety & Improves Hip Joint Health (1 PACK)

  • BENEFITS- PEACEFUL BUDDY consists of USDA certified organic ingredients including essential oil, hemp seed oil and hemp extract blend, helps relieve stress and anxiety, excessive barking, car rides, loud noises, helps with teething, hyperactive behavior without drowsiness or other side effects.
  • PHYSICAL BENEFITS-PEACEFUL BUDDY consists of Hemp Oil rich with Omega-3,6,9 fatty acids which help to keep joints lubricated & pain free, regenerate cartilage, & reduce arthritis, promote cardiovascular and neurological health while supporting overall well-being of your pet. Our unique blend of pure essential oils that have been proven to have powerful anti- inflammatory, pain relief and cancer fighting properties, regulate natural sebum production in the skin resulting in a soft & shiny coat
  • OUR BRAND CONSISTS OF: USDA certified organic ingredients that are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, non GMO, paraben and pesticide -free.
  • CO2 EXTRACTION METHOD is the most advanced method for the Hemp oil extraction available today, not only does it preserve the nutrient and omega 3,6 &9s content in the oil, it also releases phytonutrients locked within the oil which cannot be achieved using any other extraction methods, resulting in a highly concentrated, nutrient rich, pure, hemp extract that is more easily digested and utilized by the body.
  • WITH 100 % MONEY BACK GUARANTEE there’s absolutely no risk! We are confident that our remedy will provide you with remarkable results. Our product is grown, extracted & bottled in the USA, using strict quality & safety standards, & made of USDA Certified Organic ingredients! We care so much about your pets that we have made this formula 100 % human grade to ensure supreme quality, see it for yourself!

Our products are developed and tested under highest conditions, being certified by all necessary standards of quality, in order to meet the rigorous expectations of our customers. The selection of our suppliers and manufacturers is based on careful screening processes that guarantee excellent products.   Why should you purchase this item? The Peaceful Buddy organic drops are the ideal choice to make sure your best friend is given the proper care and attention. Hemp oil, chamomile and frankincen

List Price: $ 29.80

Price: $ 29.80

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