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Portion Paw® The Perfect Portion Scoop and Bag Clip in One for Pet Food 3 Cup Sizes in 1 For ANY SIZE Dog or Cat to Stay Healthy BPA Free Green Perfect Gift for a Puppy

  • Perfect way to get the right portion control Dog Cat Pet Food scoop to keep healthy.
  • 3 Portion sizes in 1, Feed wisely with 1 cup 1/2 cup and 1/3 cup sizes
  • 2 Functions in 1, acts a a fresh seal clip, and when its time to feed, it will act as a scoop
  • Designed in the USA, BPA Free, very easy to use, safe for children.
  • Made for pet food and treats, dogs, cats rabbits, lizards, birds and all other pets.

Introducing the PORTION PAW! For your dog, cat or any other pets! A UNIQUE and INNOVATIVE portion control product designed to make life easy for you. With 3 sizes in 1, the PORTION PAW can help any size dog or cat, from puppy to adult or from kitten to adult… The Portion Paw is great if you are trying to lean your dog or cat out as well. It clips right to your bag of food to help keep it fresh. There are over 160 million cats and dogs in the United States and over half of them are overweight,

Price: $ 7.95

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