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Vegan All Natural CALMING DROPS Remedy for Dogs Cats & other Pets with Anxiety and Nervousness Helps Soothe and Calm Barking, Obsessive Licking, Stress and Fear I Love You Naturally™ By PawFlex

  • •NATURALLY REDUCES YOUR PET’S STRESS AND ANXIETY: Highest quality human grade all-natural extracts. Promotes rest and relaxation for pets from nervousness and anxiety from the terror of Thunderstorms and fireworks to the anxiousness of being separated from you …AKA “home alone”. Also, a safe and effective way to ease the stress and anxiety during travel, and introducing new friends! Safe and effective alternative care product.
  • •PROMOTES BETTER PET BEHAVIOR: Stressed and hyperactive pets act out by barking, growling, scratching, spraying and chewing and even peeing in the house – Calm your pet with a Holistic Alternative care tincture. When your pet is LESS stressed, you are LESS stressed!
  • •CALMING HERBS & FLOWERS historically know to ease the mind and body. ST. JOHN’S WORT relaxes the nervous system mentally and physically. CHAMOMILE brings a quiet and serene mind while VALERIAN slow things down and gives a relaxed mellow vibe. Skullcap reduces nervous tension. Chinese fossilize bone and Oyster shell nourishes the brains ability to handle stresses along with California Poppy which balances the mind into a Zen mind and a happy dog
  • •EASY TO ADMINISTER -Dropper allows for easy and accurate release of herbal tincture into your dog’s mouth. Drip, Drip, Drip, calm your pup in a zip! We produce in small fresh batches so that product is always fresh and potent! Herbs and flowers are extracted in Food grade glycerin and Apple cider vinegar and small amount of grain alcohol for maximum potency and delicious sweet taste pets love
  • •ENJOY EVERYDAY WITH YOUR 4-LEGGED BEST FRIEND: Help your pet maintain a calm and relaxed temperament with ‘I Love You Naturally’ herbal calming drops. Helping your pet to be free of their anxieties is not just a gift you give them but one you give to yourself and the whole family. A happy pet makes a happy family. Non-GMO & No Pesticides ever used!

Directions: Place a few drops under the tongue. May need to add a few more for overly stressed dogs

I Love You, Naturally™ Herbal Calming Drops is a safe and effective way to give your dog that serene state of being. We’ve crafted a natural remedy for your nervous pups, with a few drops under the tongue and a few more for those bigger babies, our Herbal Calming Drops will help put them to ease. When your dog is less stressed you’re less stressed

All of our I Love You Natura

List Price: $ 18.95

Price: $ 18.95

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How To Earn $1,000 or more per month as an Amazon Affiliate

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