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Question by James: So I’m Looking To Build My First Gaming Pc…?
Alright. Well, I was just given $ 3000 to get a gaming pc by my relatives. I was originally going to buy a prebuilt one, but they were either outrageously expensive (such as Alienware) or I read that the company was extremely unreliable (such as CyberPower). People on various forums suggest I build one myself anyway to save money, but there’s a problem with that. My knowledge of computer hardware is extremely low. Now I have a basic idea of what almost every part does, but that’s where it is. I’m most worried about choosing parts that work together without issues (such as causing my computer to overheat, or not working at all), and then after that, worried about screwing up while doing since I have no experience whatsoever in building a computer or working with internal computer hardware. Finally, I’m worried about injuring myself in the process (don’t know if this is really an issue, but I’d hate to kill myself before I got to try out my new computer)

So I guess what I’m asking here is that, is it actually really hard for a newbie like myself to build a gaming computer from scratch? And after that, would anybody be willing to recommend a setup or at least a few parts that you think would go good in a custom built pc? I’m looking to be able to run games such as Skyrim and Battlefield 3 on maximum settings, but I’d like this to be future proof as well.

I really know nothing, so I may sound like an idiot when I say this, but here are some parts (I think?) I’d like. Of course, you probably know more then me, so feel free to say otherwise.

Processor: At least quad core i7 (I will be taking advantage of the four cores + hyperthreading)

RAM: 12 or 16 gigabytes. I know people will say I will never use this, but I have 8 gigs in my laptop right now and I’m constantly using almost all of it. As I said, I want this to be future proof. Remember.. it was predicted a while ago that we’d never use 1 gigabyte of hard drive space in our entire life, and look at our hard drive capacities now…

Hard Drive: At least 2TB space, I’m thinking RAID 0’s? I’m not too sure, but from what I read, these hard drives split half of the file on each drive so it can load both halves at the same time. The only thing I’m worried about with these is hard drive failure, since everything would be ruined if one of them failed, right?

Graphics: As I said, I want this to be future proof, and still be able to play games on highest settings. I realize this is an extremely important part of a gaming computer, but I don’t know if the 1.5gb GTX 580 is good enough. What are your thoughts?

Sound: I’ve read that integrated sound cards are good enough for most users. Am I right? Would I really benefit from getting a cheap sound card?

Power Supply: GTX 580 requires a 850 watt power supply. That’s all I know about that, of course it will vary if I choose a different graphics card.

Monitor: Although not really part of the computer, I’ve figured if you’ve bothered to read this far in you’re a good person and are probably willing to help me out all the way here. I was thinking LED 27 inch 1900×1080 resolution, sound good?

Miscellaneous: Also looking to add a blu-ray player since I sold my old ps3 and games to upgrade my computer just a little bit more.

If you actually bothered to read all of that, thank you. I’d be even more thankful if you decided to answer and help me out.

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Answer by Someone
First off, there is no such thing as “future proof”. Take a look at a top of the line PC from 5 years ago. It’ll be outrun by low-mid range PCs today. If you can get 3+ years out of it with only minor upgrades then you can count yourself lucky.

1. You will not be using Hyperthreading when gaming. An i5 2500k is more than enough. An i7 will get you perhaps 1-2% more oomph, tops.
2. You aren’t using 8GB while gaming on your laptop unless you’re running some seriously RAM-whoring applications. Games don’t count. 8GB is fine. If ever you need more, then you can buy more. By the time you’re actually using more than 8GB when gaming, your computer will be getting long in the tooth anyway.
3. RAID 0? Pfffft. With your budget, get a good 2TB hard drive and a 128GB-256GB SSD.
4. The Radeon 7970 is the current king of the kill. Get two of them if you’re in the mood for grotesque overkill.
5. Utter BS on that power supply. The GTX 580 does NOT require 850w. Not even close. Any single GPU rig will be fine with a 650w. Don’t worry about more than that unless you want to stick a couple of video cards in it, in which case the 850w isn’t a bad idea.
6. Monitor would be fine, but if you want real insanity, get those 7970s and three monitors for Eyefinity. Try to get ones specifically with very small bezels.

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