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Question by Zacg: Why does internet explorer keep on popping up while I browse the internet on Firefox?
I’m using firefox and adds keep on coming up for jobs, fast cash in the internet explorer. I keep on exing them out but they continue after a few minuets. What happened? how can I uninstall internet explorer?

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Answer by µ2
Try using these programs. Download, update, and full scan.



***If you have malware that redirects you when you try to go to the links I listed, restart your computer, hit F8 as it boots up, and choose “Safe Mode with Networking”. You should be able to download them now***

***If you cannot run the files, try changing the name***

Those should take care of most malware on your computer. Make sure you restart your computer (if prompted). To keep up security, I would install this:

Microsoft Security Essentials:…
Microsoft Security Essentials is an excellent, free, real time antimalware product from Microsoft.
And of course keep your windows up to date 🙂

Hope this helps 🙂

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