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S&C The Real Anxiety Blob – Alternative Natural Anxiety Relief Social Anxiety Relief Panic Attacks and Anxiety Relief Anti Anxiety and Depression Anxiety Free Anxiety Blob

  • ALTERNATIVE: To Anxiety Blanket, Anxiety Bracelet, CDB Oil For Anxiety, Anxiety Book & Anxiety Pills
  • CALMING SOLUTION: Loving Homeopathic Remedy. A Mindful Way To Self Control Nervousness And Stress
  • ADULTS, TEENS, KIDS: Effective Way For Women, Men And Children To Help Approach Anxiety Relief
  • THE ANXIETY SOLUTION: All natural anxiety relief

This is the story of the Anxiety Blob.The Anxiety Blob was born as a doodle in September of 2015. I was feeling anxious and “other,” and I also needed to create a post for Sweatpants & Coffee’s Facebook page that day. So, I quickly sat down and drew what my anxiety felt like. Apparently, my anxiety closely resembles a vaguely worried potato which I eventually named the Anxiety Blob.Soon after, a friend commissioned a crafter to create actual Blobs as a gift for me. I posted about them on social

List Price: $ 28.00

Price: $ 28.00

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