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Tension-Reducing Duchess Tea | Reduce Stress and Ease Muscle Pain | GABA Oolong and Ginko Biloba Tea Blend | Calm Anxiety with Natural Headache Relief | 15 Silk Sachets with 45 Servings | Physique Tea

  • ? CALM frazzled nerves, ease your anxiety, and soothe fatigued muscles with the Duchess Oolong Tea; the blend encompasses Pina Colada-inspired notes, which transport you to the beach with every sip
  • ? REDUCE stress, manage anxiety and alleviate stiff, tender muscles + relieve headaches naturally with Wild Kudzu Root
  • ? REJUVENATE the nervous system and reduce emotional tension with the tea’s base of GABA Oolong + improve memory and mental clarity with Ginko Biloba leaf + natural ADHD Management that helps to reduce fidgeting
  • ? CONTROL your appetite and manage blood sugar levels with Garcinia Cambogia and Lotus Leaf
  • ? 15 Japanese Silk Sachets that can be re-used 2-3 times; 100% natural tea blend with only the purest of ingredients hot or cold

Our premiere, tension-reducing oolong fusion is a welcomed break in the day served hot, iced or mixed into a cocktail. Inspired by the relaxing, tropical flavors of a Piña Colada, this formulation was designed to achieve stress management, elevate mood, help with weight loss, and alleviate stiff and tender muscles. Our base is the GABA Oolong, a revolutionary tea developed to reduce emotional tension and rejuvenate the nervous system. Wild Kudzu Root has been used in Chinese medicine for genera

List Price: $ 17.99

Price: $ 17.99

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